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Netiquette - Civic Coding – Innovationsnetz KI für das Gemeinwohl

Disclaimer: The Civic Coding-Community is open for everyone. There is no place for racism, anti-Semitism or discrimination of any kind. If you receive messages that you believe contradict this principle, please contact:

The community area of Civic Coding and the integrated chat function give you the opportunity to communicate directly with other users. This makes it simple for all community members to engage in an open dialogue about AI for the common good or about concrete ideas for AI applications. When chatting with other users, please always follow the discussion rules below:


1. Stay on topic

The chat in the community area of Civic Coding is a place for discussions about AI for the common good. Before sending a message, consider whether it contributes to the discussion and is relevant to the website’s topic. We want to ensure that constructive discussions and conversations take place that give rise to new ideas and AI applications.

2. Be respectful and polite

Please make sure that your messages remain polite and respectful. Always keep in mind that you are talking to a participant who, just like you, wants to discuss issues relating to AI for the common good in a pleasant atmosphere. You are welcome to put forward your own views, ideas and interests. But always respect other opinions, even if they differ from your own.

3. Use clear and unambiguous language

We recommend that you use clear and understandable language when talking in chat. This will ensure that your messages can always be understood by the other person, and help to avoid misunderstandings. Please therefore refrain from using ambiguous statements, irony, sarcasm, etc. Use punctuation to express your perspective in a structured way.

4. Interact on an equal basis

A constructive dialogue always depends on the discussion taking place on equal terms. So please be sure to give the person you are chatting with the chance to speak, and respect him or her as an equal partner in the discussion. Refrain from overshadowing your chat partner by posting very frequently, and do not talk down to or lecture him or her.

5. Quotes, links, advertising and political campaigning

When quoting – even when you are paraphrasing – please give a source so the content can be understood. Links to other sites can be helpful. However, make sure that the content there meets serious scientific or journalistic standards and complies with our netiquette rules. The community area is not a space for commercial advertisements or political campaigning.

6. Personal data of third parties and privacy

Publishing the personal data of third parties is not permitted. Keep your own privacy in mind and be very cautious about sharing your own personal data.

Please note: When using our community area and the chat function, please pay attention not only to our netiquette rules, but also to our terms of use and our privacy policy. These pages set out what legal requirements must be met on the Civic Coding website and how we deal with infringements.