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Project consulting - Civic Coding – Innovationsnetz KI für das Gemeinwohl

Civic Coding project consulting

Consulting services for AI projects for the common good


  • What do we offer? Up to 30 hours of one-to-one online expert advice and hands-on support on artificial intelligence, data, strategy and organization – for your AI project for the common good.
  • For whom? Projects related to AI for the common good at all stages of development and legal forms, whether by private individuals, associations, non-profit organisations or start-ups.
  • When? From April to October 2024. Applications can be submitted immediately and continuously in our Civic Coding Communityuntil all places are filled.

Is your project about using data for the common good?

The Civic Data Lab can help. It is a programme by civil society for civil society, run by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Civil society stakeholders can find everything they need to overcome obstacles in using data for the common good. In the Community you will find like-minded people and in the Academy a wide range of learning opportunities on data in civil society.

You can book a data consultation hour at the Civic Data Lab to discuss your project. During the consultation it will be agreed whether and how the Civic Data Lab can support your data project with technical, organisational and legal expertise. Click here for more information.

Why should you apply

Are you facing a strategic challenge in your AI project for the common good? Would you like expert advice on AI or data-related topics? Are you just starting out and wondering how to get your idea off the ground? The Civic Coding project consulting service offers:

  • A team of interdisciplinary experts will advise and support you on the individual challenges of your project in one-to-one appointments.
  • Consultations take place online and can be tailored to your availability or individual needs.
  • You will have up to 30 hours of consulting and support at your disposal.
  • You will retain all rights to your idea and your project.
  • You can also apply for the programme with multiple projects.
  • The programme is free of charge.

Let us work together to take your AI project for the common good to the next level!

What topics can we offer advice on?

  • We advise you on questions such as...

    • Is AI a fit for your project? General questions on the landscape of artificial intelligence methods and their potential benefits for certain use cases
    • Can you manage our own AI? Advice on operating or hosting AI models
    • Will AI actually solve your problem? Advice on testing AI models and applications
    • Can AI align with your ethics? Advice on questions relating to the explainability, transparency and fairness of AI models
    • How might this affect sustainability? Advice on energy consumption considerations of AI
  • We advise you on questions such as...

    • Where can you find data? Data collection (e.g. web scraping, API queries)
    • Is the data you have relevant for AI? Data preparation (e.g. anonymisation, annotation)
    • How do you maintain your data? Data management (e.g. setting up databases/data structures)
    • Can you make your data available for access? Data provision (e.g. in archives/repositories or via API)
    • What can your data tell you? Data analysis
    • How can you interact with the data Data visualization? (e.g. interactively using a dashboard)
    • Is any of this feasible within the compliance structure of your organisation? Advice on compliance-relevant aspects of data processing and hosting
    • Open Data
  • We advise you on questions about...

    • the development of sustainable financing and business models
    • the development of social impact models
    • organisational and team development
    • funding opportunities
    • stakeholder participation and process-related aspects
    • project management
    • user-centred working and UX design
    • collaborative and co-creative cooperation with external partners
    • digital accessibility
    • communication and public relations


Join the Civic Coding community and apply with your AI project for the common good in just a few steps.


You will receive an email from us with feedback on whether your project is eligible for the Civic Coding project consulting.

Kick-off discussion

In an online kick-off meeting we will learn more about you, your project and your requirements. Together, we will establish the objectives for the consultation.


Your consultation begins and can be flexibly scheduled within a 30-hour time budget for advice and hands-on support.

What are the criteria?

We use the following criteria to determine whether your project is eligible for Civic Coding project consulting.

Your project, your initiative or your idea...

  • offers a plausible solution to a specific societal problem and thus contributes to the common good.
  • is directly or indirectly related to at least one of the three ministries' themes or fields of action (Labour and Social Affairs, Environmental and Consumer Protection, and/or Society and Commitment).
  • has a direct or indirect connection to AI, in that artificial intelligence is used, or the preparatory work or the prerequisites for the use of artificial intelligence are provided or created, e.g. through the processing or use of data.

In addition, your consulting needs correspond to the technical and temporal offer of the project consulting (AI consulting, data consulting, strategic and organisational consulting).

  • In the era of AI, ignorance is costly. Our consulting evaluates your AI readiness, empowering informed decisions across tech and non-tech teams for Technical & Data, Team & Culture, Ethical, and Strategy & Commercial domains.

    Dr. Anamika Datta, Product expert, and AI consultant N3XTCODER ecosystem

  • How can artificial intelligence be used in your project so that it offers high added value for society? For AI systems to work for all of us, we need to think about how AI and its guidelines should be designed. At zukunft zwei, we focus on people and organisations in the context of technical solutions.

    Tobias Oertel, consultant on digitalisation, organisational culture, civil society and politics at zukunft zwei

  • How is artificial intelligence changing the way we work together? AI systems have the potential to expand and facilitate our work. They confront us with new questions, challenges and ways of working. For digital innovation to really take hold, there needs to be a shared understanding within the organisation of what change means: from roles and communication processes to decisions, attitudes and values. At zukunft zwei, we support people in developing further in the transformation and learning together.

    Katrin Erbacher, organisational developer and systemic consultant at zukunft zwei

  • At N3XTCODER, we want to demystify AI. We walk you through the landscape from AI tools, to Machine Learning concepts and guide you into specific areas that are relevant to real challenges you are facing.

    Jonathan Moore, CTO & co-founder at N3XTCODER


If you have any questions about the programme, please email us: