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Publications - Civic Coding – Innovationsnetz KI für das Gemeinwohl


Here you will find the latest articles and studies from Civic Coding.

Civic Coding-mission statement

Our mission statement defines a shared understanding of the vision, goals and content of our initiative. Considering the input, ideas and perspectives from civil society, we have developed our scope of action which is detailed in our mission statement. We explain the principles of our work, our objectives and our fields of action.


The anthology “Civil Society 4.0” brings together perspectives of experts from various fields to address the following questions: How can AI be shaped in a social, sustainable and participatory way? What framework conditions are needed for the development and use of AI for the common good?


Research report

The study “Civic Coding - Fundamentals and Empirical Insights for Supporting AI for the Common Good” identifies the key opportunities, risks, challenges and needs of stakeholders in the field of AI development for the common good. It is based on qualitative expert interviews and case studies.