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The funding environment for AI for the common good | Civic Coding - Civic Coding – Innovationsnetz KI für das Gemeinwohl

The short study "The funding environment for AI for the common good" analyses the structure of the current funding environment in Germany and the EU. The authors base their analysis on various dimensions of AI for the common good: Which projects are being funded? To what extent are the funding needs of the innovation fields matched by the funding structure? And what new funding approaches do we need?

The authors illustrate how the existing funding environment addresses topics relating to AI for the common good. Further, they explore the extent to which innovation funding is already represented or requires new funding approaches. The study identifies relevant funding instruments based on a content-related grid that refers to the different dimensions of AI for the common good: process, application and technology.

Three key messages:

  1. There are only a few funding programmes that focus on AI applications in the narrow sense. They are usually funded as part of the digitalisation process and seen as a method or tool.
  2. Needs for AI solutions are identified in societal fields of action. They provide an opportunity for stakeholders working for the common good to focus on specific solutions. They can maximise their potential impact through collaboration with partners.
  3. There is little focus on structures that promote innovation. Funding programmes tend to focus on project funding in specific thematic areas. Ecosystems such as platforms for transdisciplinary collaboration – from idea generation to the transfer of results – are rarely funded.

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